A Doodle Lace... A Tangled Web of Desire

A Doodle Lace... A Tangled Web of Desire
A Doodle lace, the illustrations of Georgina GoodmanShoe illustration of a couture shoe by designer Georgina Goodman
So simple but so complicated, so many thoughts, and so many layers to the mind. In all its chaotic workings it creates a map of perfection: a way to get there without getting lost in time but still get lost in the moment. Handmade lace shoes: something so delicate created from many remnants and snippets of different textures and feeling.
A doodle of the mind an intricate hand made lace couture shoe by Georgina Goodman 
A doodle of the mind.
Key Features


  • Designed from a doodle this newly developed lace is an intricate combination of machine and hand stitching, trapping layers of silk tulle, silk organza and lace. The very edges of the lace upper are wired to articulate and frame the foot.
  • Nude mesh lining to retain an element of sheerness.
  • High gloss black heel featuring a centre surround of layered hand textured silk organza and tulle.
  • Soft black calf lining.
  • High gloss leather sole debossed with Georgina Goodman's signature, ‘Bee' logo and 'Made in Love' emblem.

A doodle of the mind by Georgina Goodman
A couture hand made intricate lace shoe by Georgina GoodmanA couture intricately hand stitched lace shoe by Georgina Goodman

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