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I Open Up My Heart To lies bleeding

I Open Up My Heart To lies bleeding

I open up my heart to you, love lies bleeding

You could try it on she said…. But what if I like it, what then?


Shoe illustration of a couture shoe by designer Georgina Goodman


There is something so beautiful that is captured in a moment of pure passion and the explosion of love. Where your foot makes contact it is cushioned with soft lambskin undulating and yielding like a miniature Chesterfield. Exquisite comfort and desire. The feathers are there to delight the toes. A puffball of little plumes collected and hand tied together: a bouquet of pleasure.


Couture Shoe by designer Georgina Goodman, red satin and feather high heeled bedroom slipper


This slipper is a plaything for the soul. 


Key Features


  • Printed silk satin upper with a digitally remastered original artwork by Georgina in Indian ink and watercolour.
  • Miniature hand tufted padded insole in soft glove nappa leather.
  • Individually placed and hand stitched feather pom poms using Ostrich, Rooster hackle, Chinchilla coque, Guinea fowl and Maribou Feathers.
  • High gloss black heel featuring a centre surround of hand placed exotic feathers.
  • Soft black calf lining.
  • High gloss leather sole debossed with Georgina Goodman's signature, ‘Bee' logo and 'Made in Love' emblem.



Couture boudoir slipper in printed original artwork satin and exotic red feather trim

Couture Boudoir high heel slipper, a fetish couture shoe by designer Georgina Goodman

Padded leather insole of the couture boudoir slipper by shoe designer Georgina Goodman


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