All about Georgina Goodman


Even before Georgina Goodman enrolled on the BA in Footwear Design at London’s Cordwainers College in the 1990s, her early career as a fashion journalist in both TV and print had demonstrated a distinctive eye for style. Subsequently completing an MA in Womenswear/ Footwear at the Royal College of Art, Georgina won her tutor Manolo Blahnik’s prestigious shoe design competition. When asked about rising design talent in Britain by Vogue, Blahnik said: ‘Do I see one designer that stands out? In England there is Georgina Goodman.’ 


2002 saw the opening of the first Georgina Goodman boutique in Shepherd Street, Mayfair, soon followed by another on Old Bond Street. Having attracted huge press interest and clients such as Thandie Newton, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Moss, in 2010 a significant investment of venture capital looked set to expand the burgeoning young brand. However, due to a series of irreconcilable differences, the investors forced the closure of the business in early 2012. Despite this considerable personal and professional setback, losing both her company and the rights to use her own name, Georgina’s talent and tenacity ensured that by November 2013 she had reacquired the ‘Georgina Goodman’ trademark and related intellectual property. 


Georgina’s discreetly luxurious style and extraordinary attention to detail ensured she has been twice nominated as ‘Accessory Designer of the Year’ by the British Fashion Council, while alongside many consultancies and creative collaborations she is particularly acclaimed for her work with the late Lee McQueen. After McQueen’s death, many of Georgina’s iconic shoes for the Alexander McQueen label were exhibited in the ‘Savage Beauty’ exhibition, in NYC and London.


In 2015, Georgina created a new business with a fresh team, celebrating the launch of the popular GG’s brand alongside the introduction of an Online Boutique also selling couture and limited-edition pieces. Alongside ongoing creative relationships with artists, designers and filmmakers, Georgina has a blog (‘Love Shoes and Other Stories’) and is passionate about passing on her experience to the next generation of designers by mentoring/teaching and lecturing at Cordwainers College and the Royal College of Art. Georgina is also a member of the Worshipful Company of Cordwainers and a Liveryman—an honour rarely extended to a woman. Georgina Goodman’s significant achievements acknowledge her extraordinary talent, creative vision and ongoing determination to create ‘amazing shoes for amazing women.’ 



Made In Love, 2019